No worries. Griffin Networks will keep your business running seamlessly with secure networking connections for critical applications, device sharing, and reliable communications.

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<strong>ARMOR</strong> Yourself with Griffin

ARMOR Yourself with Griffin

Slow computer? Moving your office? Inundated with spam? Blue screen of death? Suspect a virus?

If IT problems are keeping you from focusing on your business, contact Griffin Networks for solutions that work.

  • Network Solutions

    We specialize in making sure your critical business communication systems run seamlessly. The team at Griffin Networks delivers reliable, efficient, and complete solutions that are custom-tailored to meet your specific needs, your timeframe and your budget.

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  • Cabling & Security Cameras

    Griffin Networks provides end-to-end cabling services and security camera installations designed to support your communications infrastructure and security requirements. Our expertise encompasses professional, tested, and certified Fiber, CAT 5e, CAT 6, and other cable installations.

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  • Managed Solutions

    Griffin Networks is a Managed Solutions provider in the DC metro area. We offer dedicated computer monitoring technologies that work around the clock to provide advance notice of detected hardware, software, or virus issues.

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  • Customer Testimonials

    “Spectrum is a health care/life science public relations firm working for demanding clients throughout the U.S. and the world. We cannot afford to take chances with anything but the best in how and with whom we work. Nowhere is our expectation for excellence in our partners more crucial than in our information technology infrastructure.

    The team at Griffin Networks has designed and implemented a program and technologies that meet Spectrum’s current as well as future needs. The Griffin folks are strategic, organized, on time, highly cost-effective, anticipatory/responsive, and not least important, friendly.

    We like them, rely upon them, and want to continue our successful partnership with Griffin Networks for years to come.”

    – Spectrum, Washington, D.C.

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