Fire Alarm Systems

Service man data cable imageFire alarm systems are required for any new construction and/or retrofit. Today’s fire alarm systems have become increasingly sophisticated.  They are your first line of defense in protecting your employees and your business.

Griffin Networks and its partners have certified personnel who understand fire alarm requirements and can work with you to make sure that your system is fully in compliance. We will work with you to design, install, and also maintain your company’s fire alarm system(s).

Our qualified staff is knowledgeable and experienced with the requirements for an effective and reliable fire alarm network and what is needed to meet the latest standards and codes.

Additionally, Griffin Networks and its partners will continue to work with you to make sure your system(s) function at optimal performance.

Regular fire alarm testing and maintenance is essential, but can be taxing on your business.  Griffin Networks and its partners have the knowledge and experience to conduct routine maintenance and safety checks, as well as troubleshoot problems within your fire alarm system(s).

Our certified technicians specialize in Honeywell and Radionics fire alarm systems and devices.  We will work with you every step of the way, from design and installation, to maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, and replacement of faulty equipment in your system.