Best Locations for Remote Workers

In these days of COVID-19, remotely working from home is all the rage. Employees are enjoying this newfound freedom. Statistics show more than half of today’s remote workers wish to permanently work remotely.

If you wish to work remotely, where should you go? The list we created below contains data from the New York Times,, and CityLiving to find some of the best cities that people recommended for the remote working lifestyle. Some factors we considered in our list are housing prices, internet speed, and safety. Our list contains both large and small cities, with the average housing cost being around $100,000 – $350,000.

Remote work has become increasingly popular throughout the years, with many companies adopting its overall appeal. The recent pandemic accelerated this trend by up to 10%. However, even without COVID-19, the rise of remote work was on the horizon with the “traveling software developer” fad of 2014. Economists theorized that remote work would begin to become more popular around 2022-ish with more people having access to a laptop and internet connection more than ever before. Along with employers embracing it, the new “gig-economy” has helped fuel the remote work fire. As remote work becomes more popular, with Statista stating that 11.2% of workers are working remotely and their productivity has increased dramatically, the trend is likely to stay.

Most jobs that will be affected by remote work will be finance, education, IT, design, and technical services. So, the list will consider the average salary of these careers in terms of ideal places to live.

Internet speed

Fiber is the golden goose in terms of high-speed internet. There are many fiber-optic internet connection pipelines throughout the USA; you can find them inside ISPs package deals. Fiber-optic connections make download speeds faster, which won’t exactly help you with Zoom calls. For Zoom meetings or two-way calls, faster upload speeds are what make these technologies fast and smooth.

The importance of fiber-optic connections

Is fiber-optic mass availability worth moving to a new city? It depends on what you need from your internet. If your job requires a lot of downloading, then, yes, fiber optic will help your workflow. However, if your work consists of frequent Zoom meetings or uploads, then you should focus more on ISP packages that offer faster MBPS up and down.

Gigabit internet does just that. Gigabit internet increases upload and download speeds substantially by being able to compute over 300 MBPS. The latter is way more than enough for any Zoom meeting. We place gigabit internet as the top priority when looking for the perfect city to work remotely.

Your best targets for working remotely

Believe it or not, Tennessee has had the most robust fiber network rollout in the country with Nashville being one the first cities to get Google fiber. Neighborhoods like the Gulch have made it their mission to create a more tech inclusive environment for bubbling tech entrepreneurs. Nashville gave rising tech companies like Google and Amazon major tax breaks to build in their city along with increased tech infrastructure funding. Nashville’s hottest neighborhoods near the Vanderbilt area are sometimes dubbed the music Silicon Valley due to the high amount of music-based tech startups. Along with Nashville, Chattanooga has made considerable efforts to increase its tech presence in the state. While it might not have the bubbling startup scene or culture that Nashville has, Chattanooga is banking on its affordable real estate and relatively small population to attract workers. Chattanooga has introduced business-friendly incentives that benefit both corporations and remote workers.

However, if you want to work remotely out west, there are bubbling opportunities as well. I’m not talking about LA or San Francisco. Believe it or not, I’m talking about Las Vegas. If you want a comfortable life, a house, and be a part of a growing city whose population recorded a 2.1% increase in 2021, then move to Vegas. While it might not have the “perfect” weather that California has, Las Vegas has a buzzing real estate market with new neighborhoods being built every year. Entertainment, a low cost of living and cheap transportation is just a few of the benefits the city can offer those who choose to work remotely.

If not Las Vegas, then Arizona. The state of Arizona is among one of the cheapest places to live out west as of 2021. The state’s real estate market is affordable, crime is low, and it’s among the least densely populated states in the country.

Move up North

Chicago is perfect for those looking for a trendy, hip city with excellent wi-fi and progressive remote work-friendly policies. While Chicago isn’t much of a tech-hub, the relative safeness of the city and well-maintained infrastructure is perfect for those working remotely. Chicago is also among the cities that have Google fiber.

Improve your quality of life

Remote work does not mean that you must move but, if you do, the locations listed above are among the best to relocate. Remote work allows employees to get Silicon Valley salaries without having to live in Silicon Valley. With a wage of over $100,000 being the average salary for a software engineer in an expensive city, having that wage in another city could rapidly improve the quality of your life.

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