Don’t be an April Fool. Be Prepared. March 31st is World Backup Day.

World Backup DayEvery year, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created.  That’s 2.5 exabytes in a more sane unit of measurement.  Still, humanity has created more information in the last two years, than the entirety of recorded history.

That’s a lot of photos, memories, and important projects to lose.  Protect your legacy and backup your data.

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Rely on Griffin Networks for IT Solutions that Work

Griffin Networks offers backup solutions for businesses.  Our solutions protect your data – both onsite and cloud based.  Backups are essential for protecting stored information, including databases, documents, emails, pictures, etc.  While there are many cloud-based backup products available, they frequently do not give you the ability to rebuild your company’s data in the event of catastrophic hardware failure, including power spikes, failed hard drives, or fire/water damage.  Griffin Networks’ solutions can also be used to recover files in the event of user error, such as instances of information being inadvertently overwritten or deleted.

Griffin Networks will work with you to make sure that your backup plan is current, complete, secure, and recoverable so should an unexpected disaster threaten your data, you are ready for it and your business is positioned to survive and flourish.

Call Griffin Networks at 301.921.0922 for more information about our full complement of backup solutions for your business.