Frequently Needed Solutions from Griffin Networks

Here’s information you’ll want to keep close at hand for the next time your computer throws a curve ball your way.   Not sure what to do?  Read on …

My Computer Won’t Connect to the Internet …

Before you pick up the phone, try this:

  • Close out your applications and restart your computer.
    • When your computer restarts and everything is done loading, see if you can connect to the Internet.
    • If you still aren’t connecting hover the mouse over the network icon and see if it detects your network.
    • If your network is not being detected, make sure your wireless receiver is on or the network cable is snuggly connected to your computer.
    • Still no connection?  Don’t despair.
      • Power cycle your router, typically by pulling the power plug from the router itself.  Wait at least 20 seconds, reinsert the power plug, and try again.
      • For a wire connection, gently tug on the network cable.  If the cable falls out, reinsert and listen for an audible click.  If no audible click, try another cable.
      • If you still have no Internet connection, there is a chance that your Internet service provider could be experiencing difficulties.  Call their office.  If there are no reported outages in your area, call Griffin Networks.

My Computer Won’t Turn On …

Don’t panic.

  • Unplug the power cord from your computer and leave it out for at least 30 seconds and then plug it back in and try again.

Still won’t turn on?  We’re not done yet.

  • Is your computer plugged into a power strip or a universal power supply (UPS)?  Make sure both are turned on and their power light is lit.  If possible, unplug the computer from the power strip or UPS and plug it into the wall.  If your computer turns on, replace the power strip or UPS.

If your computer still won’t turn on, call Griffin Networks.  Also, if this continues to happen, let us know.

My Mouse Disappeared…

This happens.

  • If you have a wireless mouse or keyboard, try changing the batteries.  If your mouse has a rectangular plug, unplug it from your computer and plug it into a different USB port.  If the mouse reappears, you’re good.  If the mouse does not reappear, you can press and hold the power button to shut down your computer and then restart it.  But be aware that this could cause you to lose all work that you were working on before this happened.    Call Griffin Networks if you have any questions.

My Applications Won’t Close

Don’t you just hate that?

  • Bring your mouse down to the task bar at the bottom of your screen and right click.  A pop-up menu will appear.  Click on:  Start Task Manager.  On the Applications Tab, look for the applications that say “Not Responding”.  Left click on that application and click on the End Task button.  When the warning window pops up, click OK.
    • If the same application continues to hang, restart your computer.    If after restarting, the application still does not behave correctly, call Griffin Networks.

Stay tuned for more “Frequently Needed Solutions” from Griffin Networks.  Be sure to share this information with your co-workers and business associates and let us know what other computer problems you’d like us to help you resolve/troubleshoot.  We’re here to keep your business running and make your life easier.   

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