How Data Analytics Can Enhance the Customer Experience

Data analytics is transforming the client and marketer relationship, boosting deals while at the same time expanding customer fulfillment and satisfaction, too.

What is more, it is all a direct result of information and data, a partner at professional services PwC, Paul Gaynor, states, “Advanced business analytics gives you the ability to see and predict everything, everywhere,” he clarifies. “Each connection with clients, each moving part in your inventory network, each monetary exchange, anytime, anyplace.”

What are Data Analytics?

It’s always beneficial in exploring how new innovations can profit your business prior to choosing which innovation you may require. In case you are addressing why you should utilize information, data analytics, and data-driven tools to improve customer experience (CX) in your business, the appropriate response is simple: client lifetime value.

Clients are the backbone of your organization, and a shrewd CX will keep them engaged and cheerful. Your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV), the aggregate of all the income you make from a client over the range of their relationship with you, is the one truly significant element. You’ve invested a lot of energy and monies to gain clients, hold them, and develop their records.

Predictive analytics help you realize what may occur, sets up a reaction early, stretches out beyond the dangers, and influences the results. It resembles looking forward with a telescope, not looking through and analyzing the existing situation in the rear-view mirror, says Gaynor.

With Forbes revealing that 96% of the clients say that customer service is significant in their choice of loyalty to a brand and Gartner expressing that 74% of customer experience pioneers anticipate budgets to rise, it’s importance should not be dismissed or overlooked.

Ways In How Data Analytics Enhances the Customer Experience

Still doubtful that predictive analytics is the most remarkable marketing tool since the appearance of internet shopping? Well, read on to find out how your organization can utilize the data analytics technology to take customer service — and sales — to a whole new level.


Hyper-personalized marketing is serving customers the perfect message at the perfect time through the appropriate channel. Perfecting and mastering it requires a converging of art and science. The science part is giving customers the right mix of categories, choices, value focuses, shipping times and other key services. Art becomes an integral factor when we decide how we use these components, i.e., how we weave them together to make the most captivating client experience.

Envision a world where the retailer knows precisely what a customer needs even prior to showing up on the brand’s site or app. That is a key capability that predictive analytics possesses. Through data driven innovation, we can make a customized collection, fusing a huge number of items, every day—a client experience that is genuinely significant, relevant, and engaging. For the first time in history, the internet, social media and other online channels have allowed marketers to interact with individuals wherever, whenever. This gives us an unrivaled chance to find the patterns that help organizations marshal their assets and direct their energies more effectively.

We now can improve the customer journey by gathering every one of these little marks of information around the customer experience and incorporating them together— before, during and after they meet the brand.

Virtual Concierge

Customers have generally been trained to expect immediate, frictionless satisfaction in all parts of their lives and now expect comparative encounters with the brands they interact with as well. Predictive analytics is a basic tool that helps in conveying a complete perspective on the customer to give these sorts of encounters. Utilizing AI-driven analytics, it’s currently possible to offer both an immersive experience and instant satisfaction. One such model is that of Spotify and Netflix, for example, who change their suggestions depending on the product you are watching or tuning in to at the time.

Reduce Customer Churn Ratio

Retailers have historically looked for methods of lessening customer churn, the percentage of once faithful purchasers who have abandoned the use of an organization’s items or services during a particular time span. Otherwise called customer attrition, customer churn is a critical measurement, given that it is more affordable to hold existing clients than it is to get new ones.

Predictive analytics can be utilized to distinguish clients introducing a high churn risk and help organizations take proactive steps in improving the total customer experience and serve their needs better. Disengaged clients can successfully be persuaded, once again, into the overlay with motivating forces, for example, time payment plans, discounts or coupon codes.

Provide a Frictionless Customer Experience

No one needs to sit around idly, wasting time or money exploring an inadequately planned or designed website. A good website design makes a frictionless encounter for the customer by meeting their requirements and driving them quickly to their objective with the assistance of data analytics for enhancing the customer experience. For instance, if you need to peruse a blog on Griffin Networks, the blog button ought to be accessible in the header, not buried deep in the footer.

Predict Customer Needs 

Organizations are now able to utilize predictive analytics to absolutely forecast clients’ requirements, at times even before the individual has made up their mind. Predictive analytics provides early recognition of precursors to change in customer behavior. This permits brands to be more proactive, empowering them to tailor their messages in expectation, adequately serving the client before they even realize they have another need. It’s a methodology that permits organizations to deliver superior client assistance.

Predictive analytics assists organizations by guaranteeing it has the ideal amount of support set up to address customers’ needs in an ideal fashion and then exceed their expectations.

Streamline Shipping

Predictive analytics empowers organizations to upgrade the customer experience as far as possible up to shipping day. With more customers requesting fast shipping turnarounds, predictive analytics helps retailers and their transportation partners guarantee reliable, on-time arrivals.

By predicting potential support issues and pinpointing ideal transport routes, predictive analytics currently assumes a significant part in guaranteeing that delivery schedules are met on time. Analytics considers every driver to have better assumptions regarding their route and departments. And transportation can convey the changes that should be made to manage volume, thereby greatly impacting the overall experience.

Data Analytics – An Asset for Customer Experience

Watching out for data analytics is essential in staying aware of customer needs and improving their experience. It ought to be a first concern in your business goals as it helps retains customers, promises loyalty, gives the customer a place of refuge and flexibility, which likens to an enhanced customer experience. Analytics is a valued resource for the total customer experience and more than 80% of organizations that work to improve their customer experience report an increment in income, states Forbes.

Do not know how to incorporate data analytics into your business? Connect with our experts and have every one of your questions answered by removing the guesswork out of the equation.