Importance of Digitizing the Workplace

Today, organizations around the world use an average of 16 SaaS applications. This means teams can lose a lot of time switching between applications. Each application has specific use cases, depending on the type of work and the department in which it is used.

The Digital Workplace is the central location where all your important corporate data resides and travels. 95% of companies around the world believe that digital workplaces are important, but only 38% implement them. As more and more employees seek remote work opportunities, enterprises need to implement a digital workplace platform as part of their digital transformation strategy.

What Does Digital Workplace Mean?

The Digital Workspace is a virtual alternative to your physical office space. It is a single platform that integrates all major business applications, information, and processes. Digital workspaces create a central location for employees to access all the business applications used in their organization, primarily because of integration and collaboration. This allows employees to perform work-related tasks from any device and location. The free flow of information in the

Digital Workplace gives employees more flexibility and increased overall productivity. At the same time, providing the right information at the right time can help increase employee satisfaction and participation.

The Digital Workplace should:

  • Allow remote teams to actively participate in work meetings
  • Be compatible with existing applications; employees don’t have to spend a lot of time switching between applications.
  • Allow mobile access to get notifications and information on the go
  • Allow employees to upload and integrate all kinds of data
  • Analyze data and generate customized reports

Why Is Digital Transformation in the Workplace So Important?

Workplace Digitization can use advanced digital technology to connect people, spaces, and things to business processes, and:

  • Improve Productivity
  • Drive Innovation
  • Involve Employees
  • Reduce Business Costs

The digital migration of a business is very important for survival and growth. Connectivity, agility, and employee comfort are just a few of the areas where successful companies can be differentiated from their competitors.

By providing a competitive advantage over business processes and the workforce, modernized companies are very likely to survive and grow in the market. Some forecasts show that 4 out of 10 companies do not undertake digital transformation and fail within the next five years.

Digital Workplace Benefits

To create a digital workplace, you need to implement a smart strategy to provide your employees with the tools needed to run networks, collaborations, and core jobs. The main benefits of the digital workplace are:

  • Create a collaboration culture. You can create a collaborative culture for your company by providing employees with all the tools they need to communicate and coordinate with team members. Intelligent and reliable communication tools reduce meeting time and give employees more space for ideas and innovations.
  • Employee Unity. Create a transparent work environment where employees can easily track the status of tasks and projects. This reduces follow-up and email between employees. When employees are on the same page, they can focus more on common business and organizational goals.
  • More Time for New Ideas. By using the right technical tools and automating repetitive tasks through your digital workplace, your employees will find it easier and automatically more productive. This is due to employees using their free time for problem-solving and innovative ideas.
  • Allow Employees to Work Remotely. If all corporate data and applications are accessible online from any device and location, employees have more options for working remotely. Over 99% of workers want to work remotely at least once in their careers, but 90% want to work remotely for the rest of their careers. This means that implementing a digital workplace strategy will not only increase employee satisfaction but will also help maintain and attract talent.
  • Delivering a Better Customer Experience. With a dedicated, efficient, and productive workforce, customers will get the most out of the technology. This will lead to happier customers returning for a better customer experience and increased sales.
  • Save money and invest elsewhere. You can save and free up money to invest elsewhere by choosing an affordable digital workspace for your globally dispersed team.
  • Improving Employee Experience. Digital Workplace provides the best employee experience right from the start. Digital workspaces with countless options for customizing and creating channels for employees to interact and collaborate are more than just software. It integrates your employees into one unit and catalyzes their performance with as few obstacles as possible.
  • Recruiting and retaining better talent. The biggest advantage of having a digital workspace is that it’s unleashed. In short, an entity that works even if resources move or conditions change. This gives employees the level of freedom and responsibility that the most talented candidates feel irresistible. They work responsibly and stick to the culture that the digital workplace conveys to them.
  • Bringing unprecedented agility. With the Digital Workplace Platform, you can set up a completely agile workplace in the shortest amount of time. The design of these platforms makes it much easier to develop and maintain an agile culture. Instead of forcing employees to be agile and adapting to organizational directives, digital workplaces help companies seamlessly transition to the development of an agile workforce.

Finding the Right Digital Workplace Tool for Your Business

Finding and implementing a digital workplace platform that enables employees to work with minimal interruption is crucial. With the right tool and platform, employees can access all tasks, projects, and applications from a single platform, saving time and increasing productivity. Being a no-code platform, you don’t even have to write a single line of code to create your own custom digital workspace. You can get started right away!


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