Microsoft Windows 10 – What You Need to Know Before You Take the Deal

In just a few weeks, Windows 10 will be hitting the streets.   The release of Windows 10 is big news – and not surprisingly, it’s getting a lot of press.

The story goes like this — Microsoft is offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 for anyone running Windows 7 or 8.1.  Yup, it’s free.  But before you make the leap, there are some concerns that may give you pause before you agree to “Install”.

Consider Compatibility:

The ease of doing a direct upgrade from your current OS to Windows 10 is a bit of a wild card.  Just because it “should” be a smooth transition doesn’t mean that it will play out that way.  Almost inevitably there are going to be factors that can cause a switch-over stumble – hardware incompatibilities, software hang-ups and glitches, and more.

Apps & Upgrades Don’t Always Mix:

As a rule, be aware that Apps that worked well with prior operating systems may not run right out the gate under Windows 10.   You may have to reinstall some of your apps.  Or you may have to change some settings.  Microsoft advises that your third-party antivirus and anti-malware applications for example will be uninstalled and then reinstalled after the upgrade is finished.

Be Sure You Have a Backup Plan:

Always, ALWAYS, backup your data.  If you have important data, make sure you have it backed up so that in the event of an issue, you can recover easily.

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