Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

From customer records and accounting files to databases, emails, contracts, and personnel files, your data is mission critical. Securing your data with a solid data backup and recovery plan is essential. To make that happen, you need to make sure that the groundwork is in place.

So you’re good to go, right? Maybe. The truth is, your computer network is only as good as your last backup. If your backup plan isn’t evolving along with your business, your data could be more vulnerable than you realize.

All it takes is a major mishap such as a fire, a broken pipe, or a major power spike, and your computer hardware can fail in the blink of an eye. It’s absolutely essential that you are ready for it.

We have three words for you – prepare, prevent, and prevail.

Griffin Networks’ backup solutions are tailored to meet your needs. Backup programs can be set up on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. How often your data is backed up depends on numerous factors based on the value of the data. Griffin Networks will help you evaluate what’s best for you.

Do you have multiple offices? We can connect servers across multiple locations and back them up to a server at another location. Our prevention plans include managed solutions and programs that create multiple, secured copies of data, with frequent syncing for limiting potential data loss. With our data backup and recovery solutions, you can feel rest assured that everything is safe no matter how many locations you own.

Griffin Networks utilizes:

  • Hard drive redundancy (RAID sets)
  • Onsite backups
  • Offsite backups
  • Cloud storage
  • Custom automatic backup script

Griffin Networks will work with you to make sure that your backup plan is current, complete, secure, and recoverable so should an unexpected disaster threaten your data, you are ready for it and your business is positioned to survive and flourish. 

Recoverability in the face of disaster.

The Griffin Networks team brings you a multi-faceted pool of talent to keep your critical data protected and recoverable.  Our client base includes a wide range of data-critical businesses and services including, telemarketing firms, hotels, financial companies, realtors, law firms, utility companies, restaurants/caterers, government agencies, construction companies, medical services, museums, management services, schools, and more.

Rely on Griffin Networks for IT solutions that work!

We welcome the opportunity to consult with you and discuss how we can best partner with your company.  Our job is to ensure that you prevail when the unexpected happens.  Check out our full complement of IT solutions including IT management, network solutions, security cameras, structured cabling, routers, computer security, IT support and services, wiring, and cabling.