Managed Solutions

Griffin Networks is a Managed Solutions provider in the DC metro area with dedicated computer monitoring technologies that work around the clock to provide advance notice of detected hardware, software, or virus issues. 

While there are no guarantees, our end-to-end support system assures high service levels, reduces costly downtime, and increases employee productivity.  It’s ideal for companies looking for a complete Managed Solutions program with predictable monthly costs and maximum up-time.

Reduce Risk, Substantially

The Griffin Network Management Solutions program is anchored by KACE and Webroot Anti-Virus, proven IT management solutions technology.

Our team calls it the “dynamic duo” for a reason.  In just a few minutes, the Griffin Network team can install the code (software agent) on your server and the KACE monitoring solution is instantly deployed. No new hardware is required.

By choosing a Managed Solutions program, you are safeguarding your company from a loss of data or security breaches.  The moment an issue is detected, our team is notified. 

As a result, Griffin Networks can respond quickly to combat a myriad of threats including:

  • Unexpected hardware failure
  • Frustrating system instability
  • Threatening software vulnerabilities
  • Undetected security breaches
  • Unrecoverable loss of data
  • Costly server crashes

Maintain Optimum Performance

The Managed Solutions offering ensures that your computers and network systems maintain optimum performance. It allows you to focus on business growth and not have to stress about your IT support. More and more, companies are choosing this route. And it’s easy to understand why. You will feel peace of mind when you choose to get in touch with our team for IT support in Baltimore, MD.

Continual support ensures your IT needs are being met

  • Fast and friendly tech support – our highly trained staff can serve as your help desk
  • Reliable backup and recovery solutions protect your files, accounting entries, email, contracts, and databases
  • A proactive approach that keeps hardware/software/virus issues at bay

At the end of the day, our Managed Solutions provides protection and peace of mind. 

You can rest assured that your business systems are being closely monitored with technology that provides maximum security from hackers, software corruption and hardware failure.

The Griffin Networks multi-pronged Managed Solutions program is designed to identify issues threatening your network and prevent costly disasters and downtime. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for IT support in Washington D.C.