Router Support Services & Solutions

Choosing the right connectivity solution for your company requires careful consideration and planning.  The wrong router selection can impact Internet performance dramatically.  Additionally, it can compromise the security of your network from outside attackers.

Griffin Networks delivers routing solutions that provide secure, efficient, cost-effective Internet access and multi-site business connectivity.  

Your router is a gateway to the world and to your business.  Voice, media, and data communications must pass through this device.  Staying connected is critical and Griffin Networks has solutions to keep you up and running.  We can safeguard your business from losing office Internet service and we can secure your internal network from outside attacks and Internet leeches. 

Our technicians have experience with most router brands, including SonicWall, Cisco, Watchguard, pfSense, Linksys, D-Link, Juniper, and Netscreen.  Our capabilities include router installation, configuration, VPN setups, troubleshooting, and replacement. 

We’ll Get Your Network Running and Keep it Running with Netgate

Griffin Network’s Senior Network Engineer, Joseph Kohan, is the architect of a custom-designed, self-contained solution available exclusively from Griffin Networks –> Netgate.


This open source router insures that you won’t lose business when one of your Internet connection links goes down.  Netgate is set up with automated switching to seamlessly transition between at least two Internet source providers during power outages or overloads.  It can also be setup to load-balance your web connectivity across all available links to distribute the load equally to improve speed.  For your business, that means virtually no down time.

Get Connected.  Stay Connected.

Our router support services and solutions ensure your computer connections are efficient, cost-effective, secure, and fully functional for critical applications, device sharing, and reliable communications.  Check out our full complement of IT solutions including IT management, network solutions, security cameras, structured cabling, computer security, IT support and services, wiring, and cabling