Network WIFI Protection – What Every Business Owner Needs to Know

How secure is your WIFI network?

Are other people accessing the Internet through your network?

Any size network, whether it’s two computers or 100 or more, needs to be protected against WIFI leeches and wireless intruders, as well as malicious attacks.

Here are a few rules/guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Restrict time access, e.g. business hours.
  • Monitor wireless connectivity logs to see      who is trying to access your network.
  • Use a password phrase/password that has a minimum value of ten characters.
  • Use a password phrase/password that is not obvious.  For example, stay away from using your name, your birthday, the name of your pet, your children, your spouse, your address, or the word “password”.
  • Substitute numbers that look like letters – example the letter “L” can be 1; the letter “A” can be @; or the letter “Z” can be 2.
  • Make your password something you can remember without having to write it down.
  • Include upper and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers.

These guidelines are just the beginning, however.

Griffin Networks can secure your network so that only people you choose can access your network. 

Griffin Networks can hide your WIFI connection from most scanning programs/apps.  We can do a security audit of your site and create a plan to insure your network is secure and safe.  And, we offer monitoring capabilities that can help to identify and prevent security breaches.

What’s at stake?  Everything!

 Anyone who is accessing your wireless connection without your permission is a threat.  Internet leeches could be accessing non-desirable websites or participating in illegal activities using your connection.    Hackers can crash your system and steal your data.

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We specialize in making sure that your business network is fully functional AND fully protected.