Griffin Networks Debuts Dynamic Duo — KACE & Webroot Anti-Virus

Frank Lloyd, CEO of Griffin Networks, is pleased to announce that Griffin has added new technology solutions for safeguarding your business.

This dynamic duo – KACE and Webroot  Anti-Virus – constantly monitors your information systems.  It is an end-to-end solution that is proven to assure high service levels, reduce costly downtime, and increase employee productivity.

No new hardware is required.  In just a few minutes, the Griffin Network team can install the code (software agent) on your server and the KACE monitoring solution is instantly deployed.  As a result, Griffin Networks can respond quickly to combat a myriad of threats including:

  • Unexpected hardware failure
  • Frustrating system instability
  • Threatening software vulnerabilities
  • Undetected security breaches
  • Unrecoverable loss of data
  • Costly server crashes

Call Griffin Networks  at 301.921.0922 for more information about KACE and Webroot Anti-Virus. 

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