Should You Make the Move to Windows 8?

There’s no doubt that you’ve been hearing about the “new Windows,” Microsoft’s newest operating system. It was created to visually unify all Microsoft products – phone, tablet, Xbox, and PC. You may be asking if Windows 8 is the right choice for you. The IT professionals at Griffin Networks would like to share a brief Windows 8 review and provide some tips to make the most of your user experience.

Windows 8 Desktop View

The casual home user with a touch screen will probably like it, since surfing the web and checking email are practical. Business users and non-touch screen users will likely be frustrated and confused. The look of Windows 8 is completely different from what we’ve been using for decades. There is no Start Menu, just a screen full of large squares that are called “live tiles”.

Some of our Windows 8 Tips:

  • There is a popular third party app you can download to create a Start Menu to Make Windows 8 look and function like Windows 7.
  • Control features are located on the “Charms Bar”. It is not intuitive and is nearly impossible to find without assistance.
  • Metro applications, such as IE 10, are full screen, appear flat, and cannot be closed. Anything that isn’t a live tile is indistinguishable from a notification.

If you would like more Windows 8 tips or need assistance with hardware or software specs, please contact Griffin Networks online or via phone at (301) 921-0922 for IT support.