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Griffin Networks provides end-to-end cabling services and security camera installations designed to support your communications infrastructure and security requirements. Our expertise encompasses professional, tested, and certified Fiber, CAT 5e, CAT 6, and other cable installations.

Do you have a new build-out? Adding employees, computers, or phones? Moving locations? Whole network is slow?  We will lay out a plan to meet your business goals.

A Well-Planned Cabling Plan Supports Your Business Requirements for Years to Come.

We will plan, install, and implement a complete cable solution, providing a reliable infrastructure that is critical to your entire IT system.

Griffin Networks offers customized wiring for your office space. From the DMARC to the DESKTOP, Griffin Networks provides professional, tested, and certified copper (CAT5e and CAT6) and fiber optic cable to connect your computers and phones to the ISP or phone company.

Our cabling division includes AMP/BICSI (Building Industry Consulting Service International) certified technicians.  BICSI is a professional association and through certification, our technicians have demonstrated a high level of expertise in the proper installation of cabling systems.   Specific areas of practical knowledge include conducting site surveys, pulling wire/cable, and terminating and testing copper and optical fiber cable to the highest level of industry-recognized specification.

Griffin Networks is the Right Choice for A Structured Cabling Solution.

A well planned, structured cabling solution encompasses all of the pieces that distribute information throughout a building — wires, fibers and cables.  Griffin Networks provides infrastructure consulting and network cable installation for sound and PA systems, voice, data, video, wireless, CCTV, and Managed IT solutions.

Get Connected.  Stay Connected. 

Optimum performance begins and ends with quality cabling. Griffin Networks ensures that your networking’s cabling infrastructure is engineered to support your business goals and requirements.

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