Ten Ways Managed Solutions Programs Help Your Business

Simply explained, Managed Solutions or Managed Service Programs mean that your company’s computers and networks are entirely monitored and maintained by a third party for your business.  It is a “soup-to-nuts” maintenance program that makes a lot of sense for many businesses.

The Griffin Networks multi-pronged Managed Solutions program is designed to identify issues threatening your network and prevent costly disasters and downtime.  Here are ten ways that going this route could be the best business decision your company has ever made:

1.   A proactive approach that keeps computer and network issues at bay.

2.  Your business systems are closely monitored with technology that provides maximum security from software corruption and hardware failure.

3.  Your service program includes fast and friendly tech support – our highly trained staff can serve as your help desk.

4.  Ongoing monitoring ensures that your computers and network systems maintain optimum performance.

5.  You greatly reduce situations that allow hackers to threaten your company such as loss of data or security breaches.

6.  Managed Solutions provide an end-to-end support system resulting in high service levels, reduced costly downtime, and increased employee productivity.

7.   An ongoing maintenance and monitoring program has predictable monthly costs.

8.  Managed Solutions allow you to focus on business growth and not have to stress about your IT support.

9.  Dedicated computer monitoring technologies work around the clock.

10. No new hardware is required.

While there are no guarantees, Managed Solutions Programs from Griffin Networks are designed to provide advance notice of detected hardware, software, or virus issues.  You can rest assured that your business systems are being closely monitored with technology that provides maximum security from hackers, software corruption and hardware failure.