“For the past two years, Griffin Networks has been our local IT Consultant (our corporate IT department is located in Europe). We’ve worked personally with John and Bonnie Lloyd as well as Teri Whittaker. They have been quick to respond to emails, always in a professional and courteous manner. They know their trade and are experts at what they do. Whenever a crisis arises, they are right there working alongside our remote IT department. Griffin Networks is top-notch in the industry and we highly recommend them.”

— Valneva USA, Inc., Gaithersburg, MD

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the professionalism, dedication, competence, and most of all integrity that your team has demonstrated over the past three years.

When I refer to integrity, I generally define that as doing the right thing even when it isn’t necessarily in your best or immediate self interest. In this context, I’m not just talking about basic honesty, although even that isn’t so basic any more; nor is it just meeting the strict construction of your contract, although even the Government has difficulty getting IT providers to meet that standard. Your organization has demonstrated a commitment to support our technology needs in a manner that is efficient and effective, is minimally intrusive on our business process, and that provides for emergency response on those occasions when we really need immediate resolution.

As I’m sure you recall, our predecessor IT provider compromised our systems to the point that we not only lost functionality and productivity, we also lost staff, lost customers, lost contracts. We had so many occasions when they broke, compromised or dismantled systems or processes we needed that at the end we almost never contacted them – it was safer, easier and more effective to Google the problem and work it ourselves. Griffin’s monthly cost is less for bona fide IT professionals than we were paying for nice young men who had a high school level IT competency, and did not comprehend the damage they could do just pushing buttons and trying to ‘do something.’

Since you have been supporting us we have not had a single incident that was not resolved to our satisfaction, without having to elevate or escalate, and literally never had a situation where our technology suffered a setback. Furthermore, your service is not merely responding to trouble tickets. Griffin has monitored our system in what I would deem a genuinely business partnership. That is you have provided input, solutions and suggestions for improved functionality, efficiency, and risk management that are not keyed toward costing us more, or improving your bottom line at our expense.

I can heartily recommend Griffin as an IT provider, whether for monthly maintenance as we now have, or as an emergency capability for complex requirements as we initially began our relationship.”

— B.I.G. Enterprises, Inc., Waldorf, MD

“We’ve been working with Griffin for just under a year.  At the time, we had unexpectedly lost a key technology employee, and Griffin stepped in to help us get organized.  They implemented a short- and medium-term plan to help us get a better handle on our network security and organization. They are quick to reply to emails and phone calls, and extraordinary in a crisis.  When we had a serious ransomware event, Griffin stepped in quickly to contain the problem and then enacted a plan to prevent it from being an issue ever again.”
— Columbia Books and Information Services (CBIS), Bethesda, MD

“Spectrum is a health care/life science public relations firm working for demanding clients throughout the U.S. and the world. We cannot afford to take chances with anything but the best in how and with whom we work. Nowhere is our expectation for excellence in our partners more crucial than in our information technology infrastructure.

The team at Griffin Networks has designed and implemented a program and technologies that meet Spectrum’s current as well as future needs. The Griffin folks are strategic, organized, on time, highly cost-effective, anticipatory/responsive, and not least important, friendly.

We like them, rely upon them, and want to continue our successful partnership with Griffin Networks for years to come.”

— Spectrum, Washington, D.C.

“For over ten years, Sawyer Real Estate and its agents have received knowledgeable and professional services from Griffin Networks.

The engineers are responsive and easy to work with. Griffin Networks consistently exceeds our expectations!”

— Sawyer Real Estate, Temple Hills, MD

“We have relied on Griffin Networks for many years.  The Griffin Networks team keeps us up and running.  They willingly work with our other vendors when problems arise and they are able to speak the vendors’ language, translate what is needed, and coordinate with all parties to resolve the problem and get the job done.”

— Schaeffer Financial LLC, Rockville, MD

“For over 7 years, Griffin Networks has been our outsourced IT consultant for all of our IT needs.  From user setup to hardware and software installation and maintenance, Griffin’s staff has met the challenges of our expanding company.  With 2 locations and over 30 remote users, Griffin has been able to increase the speed and reliability of our network.  Their 24/7 mentality means that whenever we have a problem someone is available to address our issue.  As our partner, they work with our third party vendors to seamlessly integrate with our network.  The highest compliment is that we have successfully recommended Griffin to several of our clients who now use Griffin as well.”

— Independent Benefit Services, Rockville, MD